Susan’s block 8 – “Fruit Bounty” – In progress

grapesI have started my grapes -I use “Perfect Circles” now- In the past I used old playing cards- they were strong enough to make a nice circle- I have never tried a circle using needleturn, and probably never will! – My skills are not up to that level. Many years ago I took a workshop with Pat Cambell who does all her applique using needleturn – It is amazing how perfect her circles are. (I just read that Pat recently passed away- how sad to have lost another)

Susan’s block number 8 – “Fruit Bounty”- closer

near end susanJust cut out the stems on to the branch on the left side. Cut a strip about a little less than 5/8″, folded it in thirds and basted it. I’ve decided on purple berries on both branches- one a dark purple batik, the other light.

We are starting to think about which block next.Hmmm… It’s up to Marie to choose. I’m enjoying making this quilt so much- mostly due to the camaraderie!

Susan’s block 8 – “Fruit Bounty”- the start

block 4 - in progress moreJust beginning this one- I love appliquéing fruit, so I choose this block for our next one to sew. Marie is starting on block 2 and is quickly catching up. Met many quilters this weekend from the Wiltwyck Guild who want to make this quilt. It will be exciting to have other quilters sending in their images.

block 4- close upHere’s a close -up of the stem and leaf. I put thick paper under the leaf so I get a a perfect shape. Then I have to needleturn the stems, which I am not so good at. Had to take one of the stems out two times!