Susan’s block number 13- almost there

susanWell, it’s Sunday morning, Mother’s Day. Spent the last few evenings working on the block. Tried to start working on a Weaver Fever quilt so I could use my new sewing machine, but had the wrong cutting directions. Had to stop dead in my tracks before I ruined any more fabric.

Marie is up in Windham at quilt camp, so haven’t gotten too much feedback on this block. Wish i was there! I have about three leaves to go. It’s interesting how when you look at the photo you see so many more imperfections then when you see it in person. I don’t really like my birds fat feet, may want to do it again. I also don’t know if I should put in peacock feathers. Any suggestions? Maybe I should change the color of the top left circle inside the pink flower??

The eye is not done yet, just temporarily put in a piece of ultrasuade.

So many leaves! Hope the next block won’t have so many of them…


Happy Mother’s Day!



Joan’s block number 6, maybe complete?

joanAlthough I thought that I’d just accept what the hospitality table looked like…..wonky….., I re-did the table so that it isn’t on a slant anymore. I also prettied it up a bit.
I may still add leaves to the apples. Don’t yet know.
What I call the “fruit salad block” was fun to work on and I like the way it finished.
I’m going to try and NOT rethink these blocks, but just let them be, once I’ve done them.
The last photo, is of some of our furkids,  who get tired out from watching me sew, but do appreciate the soft, big pillow they have in my sewing/laundry/welping/hospital room. I only get a little corner for all my STUFF and they usually take over the rest. The cats get the window sills.
sewing buddies

Susan’s block number 13 – Still in progress and new stories about Hannibal posted

In the beginning

I haven’t had a lot of time to sew this weekend- Went to the Northern Stars Quilt show on Saturday- saw some beautiful quilts and finally bought a Roxanne thimble. I know it’s supposed to hurt a bit when you first use it, but the pain doesn’t seem to be subsiding. I will give it a few more tries, since it was pretty pricey. It certainly is beautiful!

I have one side of leaves sewn down and now am working up the right side. All my leaves are sewn onto paper and ready to go. I like the idea Australian quilter, Kerry had about using Adobe Illustrator to reverse the pattern- I may try that only using Adobe Photoshop, which I am more familiar with. Kerry has some really terrific ideas on her blog, so if you haven’t started reading it, you should! I may also try two layers of freezer paper instead of paper foundations. Maybe two layers will be strong enough.

I posted two new stories about Hannibal on the History page, and there’s more to come. I am really excited about going down to Katonah Wednesday to meet and hear Stacy Hollander speak about political quilts. She is the curator of the American Folk Art Museum, the museum which houses the Bird of Paradise Quilt.sue


Leaves in waiting