Joan’s block number 6, maybe complete?

joanAlthough I thought that I’d just accept what the hospitality table looked like…..wonky….., I re-did the table so that it isn’t on a slant anymore. I also prettied it up a bit.
I may still add leaves to the apples. Don’t yet know.
What I call the “fruit salad block” was fun to work on and I like the way it finished.
I’m going to try and NOT rethink these blocks, but just let them be, once I’ve done them.
The last photo, is of some of our furkids,  who get tired out from watching me sew, but do appreciate the soft, big pillow they have in my sewing/laundry/welping/hospital room. I only get a little corner for all my STUFF and they usually take over the rest. The cats get the window sills.
sewing buddies

3 thoughts on “Joan’s block number 6, maybe complete?

  1. Joan – I love the additions you made to Hospitality Table, especially the fringe on the cloth.
    I’m amazed at how quickly you completed the Fruit block. I love the pear fabric and the large leaves are wonderful!

  2. That fancy bride obviously must have her lace – even on her hospitality table. The woman has class! Those blueberries are still my favorite – they make me want to plunk one right off the fabric.

  3. Love love love your Fruit Bounty block, Joan. I agree with Susan – the pear fabric is terrific. (Don’t you sleep at all?)

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