Susan’s block number 13- almost there

susanWell, it’s Sunday morning, Mother’s Day. Spent the last few evenings working on the block. Tried to start working on a Weaver Fever quilt so I could use my new sewing machine, but had the wrong cutting directions. Had to stop dead in my tracks before I ruined any more fabric.

Marie is up in Windham at quilt camp, so haven’t gotten too much feedback on this block. Wish i was there! I have about three leaves to go. It’s interesting how when you look at the photo you see so many more imperfections then when you see it in person. I don’t really like my birds fat feet, may want to do it again. I also don’t know if I should put in peacock feathers. Any suggestions? Maybe I should change the color of the top left circle inside the pink flower??

The eye is not done yet, just temporarily put in a piece of ultrasuade.

So many leaves! Hope the next block won’t have so many of them…


Happy Mother’s Day!



6 thoughts on “Susan’s block number 13- almost there

  1. We at Windham love this block. Norma really like the way your flowers have movement. Wish you were here.

  2. I’m home from Quilt Camp ~ another terrific time with The Patchwork Company family and the wonderful women in Windham ~ the best ever! So now I’m really looking at your peacock Susan and I humbly ask that you not touch one single claw of that bird’s little feet. I can’t imagine them one bit different. They have real character. No opinion on the other observations ~ yet. Maybe when I finish unpacking…….

  3. Just got home from L.I. Do not change anything! Looks wonderful as is. This is folk art right? Do not over think your first selections, go with it girl.

  4. I think you should leave the block just as how you’ve sewn it. It looks wonderful….look at the blocks as a whole when you have more done and you’ll find that it’ll all go together just fine. Don’t over think it and if you still would like to change something, go ahead. Just don’t change something every time you think you should or you’ll find yourself not finishing the project. For what it’s worth, I think you’ll doing just fine! Keep stitching!

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