Lois’s block number 7 – Birds with Snacks complete!

loisI was fortunate to meet up with Lois at the Wiltwyck Guild meeting this past Saturday. She was working on quilting her Birds with Snacks block, so I was able to get a photo of it.  So, here it is…

Lois is quilting each block as she completes it.

I love the dark background!

Susan’s block number 1- Bluebell Bouquet, some changes

susanAfter looking at the photo of my lopsided block, I knew I had to rip out sections of the base and the apple stem. It is amazing how you miss certain things until you see them in a photo.Didn’t take me too long to fix.

The birds are not sewn down, just placed them around where they will be. Don’t you think it looks better?

I have about five new blocks from Joan to post this week. Also a new block from Lois.

Another quilter, Dolly has also joined us. I will try to get a photo of her block next week.


Susan’s block number 1 – Bluebell Bouquet, Almost there!

sue begAfter a long hiatus, I got back to my 7th block. I have worked on three or four other quilts in the meantime, and am finishing up the binding on my “Weaver Fever”. I  will post the photo next week. I think Joan has completed 12 of the blocks and hope to get images this week to post.

All that is left to do on my block is the birds and then on to the next…sue 2