Susan’s block number 4 – Complete – with bird hat or not?

hatHome most of the week with injured dogs. Both of my dogs were attacked by coyotes and need some time to heal. It has given me some time to sew and post pictures.

Added some embroidery and put a tiny piece of ultra suede for the bird’s hat. Don’t know if I like it or not yet.


With hatno hat



Without hat –

Susan’s block number 4 – Grapevine and Sweeping Bird

sue 2Close-up beginning13You can see the progression here- not too proud of my grapes, but want to keep going – Still need to finish my tail and embroider the vines.

I ran out of my perfect circles, so I used playing cards. they are stiff enough to get a good circle.

Oh- I did change the direction of my bird – Didn’t care for how it was in the original –