Susan’s block number 20 – Bird and Rosebuds

birdHere’s my latest block. It went pretty fast. It’s my 16th, so now only four left to go. I used ultra-suade lite for the beak and claws. Lots of leaves, 27 actually. I’ve begun the next block – “The Groom.” I’m making some changes – long hair , high boots, and no hat.


Marie’s block number 5 -Pair of Golden Eagles – Complete!

marieHere are my Golden Eagles among the Aspens. Maybe now I can go back to making more of the eleventy million green leaves called for on this quilt. ~Marie

(The fabric Marie used for the birds is very special – It came from a dear friend who lives in Belgium – She had been saving the fabric for more than 20 years, hoping to find something special to do with it – Well, Katrine, here it is!!)~ Susan