Gale’s block number 8 – “Fruit bounty” – a new member!

galeI have very much been enjoying everyone’s views of the CWB and thought I would share some of mine? The background has been giving me grief since there is no sashing and I knew I could never match the stripes and it would most likely bother me for ever. I thought of turning the fabric and that probably would have worked but I chose a darker fabric and now am second
Guessing myself on ” is it too dark?” I will just keep pluging along.

3 thoughts on “Gale’s block number 8 – “Fruit bounty” – a new member!

  1. It is an antique quilt and our sensibilities today are based on different considerations. I like your block very much.

  2. I submitted a post on Gail’s block yesterday but see no evidence of it. Strange. Gail, I really like your background fabric -a lot – and I agree with you – merely changing the direction of the stripes on blocks that border on each other -or changing the color completely – will make that matching problem go away-easy peasy. Do you have a picture of your darker fabric? Would love to see it.

    Your workmanship is precise and perfect-great job!

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