Ever since I saw an image of  “The Bird of Paradise Quilt” in a quilt book years ago, I dreamed of actually making the quilt. About three years ago, I went down to the Museum of American Folk Art hoping to see the quilt in person. It was truly an “enlightening” experience.

It wasn’t until several months ago that the dream became a reality. A quilter friend purchased the Karen Mowery book, A Bountiful Life, up at Log Cabin fabrics and shared it with me. My dear friend Marie was also captivated by this quilt and is taking the journey with me. With the help of Karen’s book, we know that others are making the quilt as well.

I was truly lucky to work at Historic Huguenot Street, in New Paltz New York, where I could get more inspiration. HHS have over 100 historic quilts in our collection, more than half have been identified by their makers. How thrilling it is to actually find an image of the woman who made the quilt!

Ashley, who shares my passion for quilts, has been wonderful enough to help me manage this blog, so we are off!

If you are making this quilt, please let us know. We will find a way for you to post your images in the near future.

Sadly, I just read that Karen Mowery, who is definitely the inspiration for this Blog just lost her battle with cancer and died in February.

We dedicate this site to Karen’s memory and the gift she has given us.


Susan, Ashley and Marie

5 thoughts on “About

  1. I love this blog and the quilt. I would love to join your group if there is a spot open. I have found that my favorite form of quilting is applique, especially replicating old quilts. If you have a waiting list to join, please add my name.
    Thanks much,
    Jo Timko

  2. Thanks. I have ordered the book and as soon as I have my first block finished, I will forward a picture. The posts of the different members’ blocks are amazing. Again, thanks for allowing me to join.

  3. I love the inspiration from your blog. My Bird of Paradise was finished and recently quilted and pictures posted at: http://www. pieceandquilt.com/2013/11/bird-of-paradise-quilt.html
    Natalia Bonner from Piece N Quilt did an amazing job quilting this piece. I thought I’d share her beautiful handiwork and how it made Karen’s applique patterns pop.

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