Joan’s block number 6, maybe complete?

joanAlthough I thought that I’d just accept what the hospitality table looked like…..wonky….., I re-did the table so that it isn’t on a slant anymore. I also prettied it up a bit.
I may still add leaves to the apples. Don’t yet know.
What I call the “fruit salad block” was fun to work on and I like the way it finished.
I’m going to try and NOT rethink these blocks, but just let them be, once I’ve done them.
The last photo, is of some of our furkids,  who get tired out from watching me sew, but do appreciate the soft, big pillow they have in my sewing/laundry/welping/hospital room. I only get a little corner for all my STUFF and they usually take over the rest. The cats get the window sills.
sewing buddies

Lois’ block number 6 – Hospitality Table complete

LoisI ran into Lois at the Wiltwyck Guild April meeting this past Saturday. She surprised all of us with her block completed. We all love the dark background and the wonderful fabrics she chose.


Lois said, “I started out with a much plainer table.  Then I saw some of the other blocks and changed it.  I did not think I could get the pattern to fit the area.  With a little playing I got it to line up correctly.”

Marie’s block number 6 – Hospitality Table complete!

marie completeI love the  Hospitality Table. it is on the cover of Karen Mowrey’s book and was the first block of the quilt that I saw. Then Susan made the block right after she completed her bride and I immediately was drawn to her fabric choices and the expertness of her stitching (she’s my idol) and I looked forward to beginning my own version. It’s not a complicated design so I was surprised when I began to experience challenges with it. I almost started over more than once but the more mistakes I made the more comical it all seemed and I ended up really liking the little glitches that forced me to stretch myself.

Marie’s block number 6 – “Hospitality Table”, In progress


It took some time for me to select fabrics that I liked for this block and I almost moved on to another. When a pleasing pallet finally did emerge, so did some problems in execution.  Appliqué techniques that had been familiar friends suddenly presented challenges and my straight lines were curvy and my curved lines weren’t smooth. I considered chucking the block and starting over. However after having a metaphysical conversation with that anonymous lady who created our inspirational Bird of Paradise quilt, my Hospitality Table and I have decided to continue on the journey together – bumpy curves and all. I have a hunch this will become my favorite block on the quilt.