Susan’s block number 7- A start

sue maybeI have taken the bird on the right apart at least three times, trying to work with colors that fit. I think I may stick with this choice. I still have a lot of time until I get to applique that section. Need to find the right material for his crown – I found a really old piece of Jenny Beyer border fabric to use for the crown on the bird to the left. And thank you, Mona for the idea of smoothing the bird out a bit, elongating the beak and changing the legs.

Marie’s block number 6 – Hospitality Table complete!

marie completeI love the  Hospitality Table. it is on the cover of Karen Mowrey’s book and was the first block of the quilt that I saw. Then Susan made the block right after she completed her bride and I immediately was drawn to her fabric choices and the expertness of her stitching (she’s my idol) and I looked forward to beginning my own version. It’s not a complicated design so I was surprised when I began to experience challenges with it. I almost started over more than once but the more mistakes I made the more comical it all seemed and I ended up really liking the little glitches that forced me to stretch myself.

Marie’s block number 6 – “Hospitality Table”, In progress


It took some time for me to select fabrics that I liked for this block and I almost moved on to another. When a pleasing pallet finally did emerge, so did some problems in execution.  Appliqué techniques that had been familiar friends suddenly presented challenges and my straight lines were curvy and my curved lines weren’t smooth. I considered chucking the block and starting over. However after having a metaphysical conversation with that anonymous lady who created our inspirational Bird of Paradise quilt, my Hospitality Table and I have decided to continue on the journey together – bumpy curves and all. I have a hunch this will become my favorite block on the quilt.



Susan’s block number 8 – “Fruit Bounty”- closer

near end susanJust cut out the stems on to the branch on the left side. Cut a strip about a little less than 5/8″, folded it in thirds and basted it. I’ve decided on purple berries on both branches- one a dark purple batik, the other light.

We are starting to think about which block next.Hmmm… It’s up to Marie to choose. I’m enjoying making this quilt so much- mostly due to the camaraderie!