Won My First Best in Show this Weekend!

I am so happy with how this quilt turned out – AND I had the best long-arm quilter around – Kathy Ezell – Kathy should have gotten a ribbon, too!

I’m still waiting for all of you who started this quilt to finish it up.



Almost done – just need to finish the binding!

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5Well, Kathy Ezell brought my quilt back. i just need to finish the binding and add the label. Kathy did a great job on the quilting. I think i will use the elephant pattern for the label, since I didn’t put Hannibal’s name on the front of the quilt.

I am so excited that I really finished this quilt. Yes, I didn’t applique the borders, but I like it better this way.~Susan

Susan’s block number 12 – Flower Bed finally complete

susanI thought I would go crazy with all the leaves on this block. It was the most monotonous of the blocks, but I love it now. this was my 19th block – on my last one now – I saved Hannibal for last since he is the most important image on this quilt to me- i found out this week that he died from eating a poisonous shrub. How sad! Poor thing.

Gale’s block number 8 – “Fruit bounty” – a new member!

galeI have very much been enjoying everyone’s views of the CWB and thought I would share some of mine? The background has been giving me grief since there is no sashing and I knew I could never match the stripes and it would most likely bother me for ever. I thought of turning the fabric and that probably would have worked but I chose a darker fabric and now am second
Guessing myself on ” is it too dark?” I will just keep pluging along.